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Hair and Makeup Artistry

Studio Enizio is a full service salon providing you with the most current trends of hair styling, coloring, hair and eyelash extensions. Not only do we offer high quality services but you will be affordably pampered. Our goal at Studio Enizio is to provide a classy atmosphere, impeccable service using the highest quality products which will be performed by skilled and trained artists.

Studio Services

our salon offers you the full package


Bridal Services

our salon offers you the full package

Although their niche lies in the custom design of bridal hair and makeup, Enizio is a nationally recognized on-site hair and makeup artistry business known for their ability to create distinct looks for any project. Enizio’s artistic team has had the opportunity and pleasure to work on over 1000 wedding-related sessions since their launch in 2005. Their expertise and ability to produce gratifying services has elevated Enizio to one of the most sought out companies in the wedding industry. In addition, Enizio has gained the trust of many local vendors and production companies as their first choice for hair and makeup artists to work on feature films, television, and other commercial projects and ad campaigns.

Wedding Services
How It Works

Hair Services

  • The Bride
  • $135
  • $100
  • Wedding Party
  • $75-$95
  • $100
  • Flower Girl
  • $55
  • $50-$80
  • Hair Extensions
  • Quoted Upon Consultation

Makeup Services

  • The Bride
  • $135
  • $100
  • Wedding Party
  • $50-$100
  • $100
  • Airbrush Foundation
  • $25+
  • $15+
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • $20
  • $20
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • N/A
  • $170
  1. Your artists will come to the location of your choice to prep you and your wedding party at your convenience. Should you have time constraints and a large wedding party, we do have additional artists we can send out to meet your time needs. All the details for this day will be discussed at the time of your trial or bridal session, which ever comes previous to your wedding session. Should you need our artists for touch ups throughout the day, we are happy to accommodate. Please make this request at the time you book your sessions.Because Enizio artists run multiple weddings per day, it is highly recommended that you book your artists as soon as possible to make sure they will be available for all your needs.

  2. If you are planning on being photographed prior to the day of your wedding, then you will want to book a bridal session in addition to your trial and wedding session. Bridal sessions can be done at our studio or at the location of your choice. Our artists will recreate the look done at your trial session with any adjustments necessary to make sure your look lasts throughout your photography session. Should you choose to run your bridal session at our studio, you are welcome to dress there as well. Photographers, family and friends are welcome to join you for this session. Our artists are also available to accompany you to your photography session for an additional cost.

  3. All brides who book wedding sessions with Enizio are required to have a trial session. This session is designed for the bride to meet the artists whom she will be working with as well as lock down a look which her artists will recreate for her bridal/wedding session. Trial sessions are held at our studio location and run anywhere from 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours. If you can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down, your trial session is the perfect time to try them both to see which looks most flattering. Our Artists will work simultaneously which will help cut down prep time on the day of your wedding. After your trial session, you will be asked to wear your hair and makeup for the remainder of the day to allow ample time for you to request any needed changes to your look. We prefer to run trial sessions 1-2 weeks prior to your bridal or wedding session. Once you and your artists decide on a look, they will discuss all the details for your next session such as time frames and location. If you are having your artists go on-site for your wedding, please note that your trial session and all other sessions in addition to your wedding day will be charged the on-site price. See Services tab for more detail.

  1. +How do I reserve my Dates?Reserve your date by filling out the form on our “Contact Us” page under "Save the Date". Once we receive your request, our booking rep will contact you within 24-48 hours.
  2. +What Sets You Apart From Other Hair And Makeup Artists?With Enizio you get your personal hair and makeup artist. This means you have two people working on you at the same time; this will cut your prep time in half. Knowing that your hair and makeup artist are coming from the same location can guarantee your satisfaction in our work. We will never be the reason you're running late, and best of all, we come to you!
  3. +Do You Offer Bridal Services In Your Studio?Yes we do! In-studio sessions are available for the bride and bridal party. To book in-studio services, please contact our studio directly at 801.341.5041 to book your dates.
  4. +What Locations Do You Travel To?We can work in any location and in any environment. ENIZIO IS AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF UT. PLEASE EMAIL US FOR MORE INFORMATION.
  5. +Is There An Additional Travel Price On Top Of My Service Charge For You To Come To Me?Your service price includes our travel, as long as your location is between Provo and Salt Lake County, and east of Bangerter Highway to Millcreek Canyon. If you are getting married outside the state of Utah, please contact us for destination travel rates.
  6. +What Are Your Business Hours?The Enizio On-Site Team is available around the clock for brides to assure that we can accommodate to your needs.
  7. +How Many People Can You Work On At Once?We can accommodate any party size. A session with Enizio includes 2 artists. There is a $50.00 fee per additional artist provided by Enizio to meet any time restraints you may have.
  8. +For Wedding Sessions, Are You Available For Touch Ups After Our Appointment?Yes. Please note that there is a $50.00 per hour, per artist charge for any additional hour on the job, outside your initial appointment.
  9. +Do I Need To Supply Anything?Yes. Enizio artists come prepared with all the supplies necessary to fulfill your needs. All we ask of you is to provide a space large enough for 2 people to work in and at least 2 electrical outlets for on location sessions.
  10. +What Kind Of Makeup, Face And Hair Products Do You Use?Because no makeup or hair line carries all the perfect products for every person, Enizio artists work out of personal kits which supply the products the individual artist sees fit to meet the needs of their client. All products have been tried and tested to make sure they perform their duty accordingly. However, our artists' main makeup line is Makeup Forever. Our two main hairstyling lines are Kerastase and Kevin Murphy. If you would like us to use your products instead, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are more than happy to do so.
  11. +If I Want To Do My Own Touch Ups How Do I Get The Product That You Used On Me?Your artist will give you all the information you need to purchase the products used for personal touch ups.
  12. +Does Enizio Have A Studio?Yes! Studio Enizio is located at 3300 N. Running Creek Way A-2 Lehi UT 84043. See the map in the “Contact Us” page, or the Studio Enizio page for more information.
  13. +How Should I Prepare For My Session?


    We ask that you have your face washed and moisturized prior to beginning the session and have a photograph of what your everyday makeup looks like for your Makeup Artist. HAIR: We prefer to style second day hair. Second day hair will hold better and have a natural shine to it. If you tend to have an oily scalp, then it is best to wash it the morning of. Please do not pull your hair back into a pony tail or wear a headband the day of your trial session. Bring any hair accessories that you will be using on your wedding day so we know how to design the hair for those accessories. For your trial session, bring any visuals that will help us to see what you envision for your wedding day hair and makeup. Our Artists will analyze these photos with you and give their professional recommendations. Because we like to design around your wedding theme, any visuals of your wedding ideas are always helpful. Communication is key, so if there is something that you absolutely want or don’t want, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

    contact us Contact us with your specific request or concern and one of our artists will get in touch with you!

Our Team

  • McKenzie

    Hair Design * Makeup Artistry * NBR Hair Extensions * Barbering

    McKenzie has known at a young age that she's wanted to do hair for a living. Growing up drawing, painting, dancing and experimenting in all artistic fields, she ventured to find a career path that would suit her interests. She spent 2 years in high school going to a hair school, and graduated with a diploma and a license in Cosmetology on the same day. She spent years Assisting in different states and salons to get as much knowledge and hands on training as she could find. She has traveled across the country to attend education classes and will continue to do so. Her training includes 901 Salon in Hollywood, DKW Styling for Natural Beaded Rows extensions and Big Money Stylist program, Habit Salon in Arizona, Jen Atkin and Tracey Cunningham in Hawaii, with more to come.

  • Cassie

    Hair Design * Makeup Artistry * Bridal Expert

    Cassie has a passion for creating beauty. Her natural ability and attention to detail are the foundation of her success as a hair and makeup artist. Cassie takes every opportunity to refine her craft by learning the latest techniques and trends. Her specialties include intricate hair designs, flawless bridal makeup, seamless hair colors and perfect brows. As an ambassador for Kerastase, Cassie offers a broad understanding of the benefits provided to all hair types with this high-end prescriptive hair care brand. Attending training courses with Kerastase representatives will allow her to provide the salon with extensive, continued training. This on-going education enables our artists to produce and maintain beautiful healthy hair for all our clients.

  • Karissa

    Hair Design * Makeup Artistry * Kevin Murphy Expert

    Karissa knew she wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry for as long as she can remember. With her artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail she enjoys working with clients to come up with styles individualized to their needs. Karissa believes in continual education and strives to stay at the forefront of her field with her knowledge of new products and services. Along with her creative detail she also has an expert knowledge of the Kevin Murphy line offered here at the studio.

  • 7Artists

    Enizio is a nationally recognized on-site hair and makeup artistry business known for their ability to create distinct looks for any project.

  • 1000+Wedding Sessions

    Their expertise and ability to produce gratifying services has elevated Enizio to one of the most sought out companies in the wedding industry.

  • 10Years Open

    Enizio has gained the trust of many local vendors and production companies as their first choice for hair and makeup artists to work on feature films, television, and other commercial projects and ad campaigns.


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